Green Gaming – Tenerife

As a freelance trainer, sometimes I get just the perfect combination of place-process-people that makes an experience truly memorable. It’s a slight variation of the “3 P triangle” sometimes used to evaluate a product or an activity, and it works really well to describe why the week-or-so we spent in Tenerife, in october 2016, was really special. […]

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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

No, I didn’t go completely crazy and no, I am not turning “The Cat” into a food blog in order to get more clicks. This post will just be some kind of playful intermission between all the travel stories, courses, movies and games reports. It’s the recount of how, together with my family, we made an epic-level […]

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SAY – Spinning a Yarn

What happens when you try to combine two topics apparently very different from each other? Who knows? We didn’t. And that’s why we decided to realise SAY – Spinning a Yarn: a training course on how to apply effectively storytelling methods to global education issues. If you needed to search what “Spinning a Yarn” means, don’t worry: you […]

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Share the Right Story

If I had to choose an alternate title for this post, it would be: Back to The Future. I even have the soundtrack of the classic 80s movie going on in my mind right now! And then I understood why. Because in “Share the Right Story” – training course co-funded by the European programme Erasmus+ – […]

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