Spaghetti alla Carbonara

No, I didn’t go completely crazy and no, I am not turning “The Cat” into a food blog in order to get more clicks. This post will just be some kind of playful intermission between all the travel stories, courses, movies and games reports. It’s the recount of how, together with my family, we made an epic-level […]

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The Jungle Book

Raise your hand if you don’t know “The Jungle Book” (and then, run and do something about it, seriously). It is an iconic story, probably one of the most well known by young people and adults across several different generations. Since the publication of the book by Rudyard Kipling (which was rather a collection of books) […]

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My Star Wars

If you live in this galaxy, by now you will have probably heard about Star Wars.  And if you read this blog more or less regularly, the chances are significantly higher. So let’s not waste time by introducing the saga here (ok – if you really need a reminder, you can always invest 5 minutes by […]

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